Pack Chair: Order it via mail!

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Okay, so you have ordered furniture off the catalogs all your life. But I bet you can’t claim to have your furniture delivered through mail as well. I mean a chair in a parcel, c’mon! And yet the Pack Chair is out there, somewhere, waiting to take your breath away. This freakish chair is made of an internal airtight polyester cloth pouch and a double lining containing a two-part liquid polyurethane foam. A switch, located on the side, releases the material, which then fills up the cavity, performs a crazy reaction and makes the chair taut. French designer François Azambourg invented and patented it in 1999, but call it a lack of foresight of the manufacturers or what you will that till date only five prototypes exist. If you want to see this phenomenal chair in action, head to the Design in Mutation exhibit at the Design Center of the UQAM in Montreal, Canada.

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Via: Designboom

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