P1 Bike Rack’s refreshing designs give innovation an all new meaning

P1 Bike Rack

Health consciousness is becoming a fad these days as more and more people take up healthier ways of commuting. Coming to terms with this fact, cycling has become an almost inseparable part of people’s lives, especially in NYC. Creating a niche in people’s personal time, while being a convenient way to travel, cycling has set ripples in the ongoing trends.

Capitalizing on this innovative surge, Vim and Vigor, or V&V, as they have been christened, have come up with a classy solution to a yet to happen problem. As the number of cyclists in the city increase, the paucity of parking spaces may lead to a situation of utter chaos and havoc in densely crowded areas. The number of parking spots available may not only dwindle,but also end up overcrowding and overstepping in the pedestrians personal walking zones. This is where V&V coyly step in.

They have created a design which is as unique, fabulous and sweet as their name. Offering an unsophisticated level of ease, convenience and innovation, the P1 Bike Rack is all set to bring about a change of its own accord. Built with a capacity to store upto three bikes at one time, the P1 offers the bike users the security and the peace of mind that their wheeled assets would be safe and sound on their return. The three layer benefit of the rack is equipped to ensure the bikes remain safe from falling down, while offering the users multiple locking points for their bikes.

P1 provides everyone with maximum, unmatched benefits. It can be secured on the ground either with an integrated mount or bolt mounts. P1 not only offers an excellent level of design; it matches the utility with the security every bike owner desires. Couple all these features up with NYC’s biking population and you would have a ready winner on your hands.

Via: Vimvigordesign

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