P.01 modular vegetal wall to create clean and green environment within

p01 modular vegetal wall 01

No matter how tall buildings we build to avoid pollution, decreasing air quality due to rising chemical contamination are causing more and more health problems in urban areas. Developed for Perennia Design, the “P.01” by Hong Kong-based designer François Hurtaud is a modular vegetal wall that apart from enhancing the interior of your living area also helps you create a clean and green environment within the four walls of your home. Growing green plants without occupying added space in your living room, the modular green wall system employs LEDs to provide eco-efficient light for artificial photosynthesis. With new vegetal wall, now you’ll at least inhale clean air within home or office area.

p01 modular vegetal wall 02
p01 modular vegetal wall 03
p01 modular vegetal wall 04
p01 modular vegetal wall 05
p01 modular vegetal wall 06

[Cheers François]

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