Ovate Radio has to be flipped all open to play

ovate radio 01
Traditionally it is assumed that products will continue to dematerialize as technology evolves. Designer Alek Shnayder has devised an innovative radio termed “Ovate” that seems to be a conceptual exploration of dematerialization. The Ovate Radio will indeed dematerialize if technology allows it, but once the technological miniaturization of novelty wears off, users will begin to search for a more rich and unique experience. This will necessitate a partial re-materialization of parts to allow a richer experience. On the one hand, some elements like dials, knobs and switches have been completely removed from the radio, while on the other hand, the unit is made larger, rather then something meant to fit in your pocket. You may either carry it in your hand or place it on the tabletop. Instead of flipping a switch to turn it on, you flip the whole unit open. And you are required to rotate the lower segment of the housing to change stations, rather than turning the knob. Thus, the user interacts with the device as a whole rather then a single switch or knob. Isn’t that a novel concept?

ovate radio 02
ovate radio 03
ovate radio 04

[Thanks Alek]

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