Osim Nioi: Alarm Clock with Obliging Fragrances

osim nioi image 1 8Loo3 59

How can one judge the quality of a designer in today’s world which is flocked with plenty of them? To answer this question one has to first know what aspect of designing appeals to that particular person and the query would be fixed. As in my case I appreciate rarity in the most common things and hence find good designers just as I found Alfie Lake who has shown immense talent in designing a thing as common as the alarm clock. His creation, the Osim Nioi, is an alarm clock only in the name as it does much more for an individual in terms of functionality. What it does is that it harnesses the power of fragrance for better health and emotional benefits. Confused why you need such a clock next to your bed! With the kind of lifestyle a modern day being has, such fragrances could really be his only hope for a relaxed mind. A lavender tinge at night would make our sleep deeper and a baked-bread one who make for a fresh start to the morning. The designer has loads of them for varied benefits!
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[Source: Alfielake]

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