Orishiki Suitcase turns flat for flexibility and compatibility

orishiki suitcase naoki kawamoto

Inspired by the Japanese origami folding paper art, Orishiki is a suitcase that tends to visualize the art in its design. Designed by Naoki Kawamoto, the traveling suitcase incorporates portability with compatibility. It functions just like those large handkerchiefs that fold to give various functional possibilities. Incorporating a hard, faceted shell, it folds into a three-dimensional luggage piece for easy storage and portability. Just like other regular suitcase, it’s got straps and elastics to hold all your stuff. So, instead of unzipping your luggage, you have a new way to fold it.

orishiki suitcase naoki kawamoto1
orishiki suitcase naoki kawamoto2
orishiki suitcase naoki kawamoto3

Via: Likecool/Ohgizmo

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