Oris Public Stereo System looks rave-ready


Canadian product, graphic and motion designer Zackary Yu has come up with a clever little public entertainment system called the Oris, which is something that anyone living in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and South America would simply dread!

It’s not because the design aims to create something that people living in these parts of the world may never have seen before, it’s because public entertainment in these cultures has thrived very enthusiastically on variations of the same design since loudspeakers and stereos became readily available in the developing world.

Many places, like India, actually have laws against the use of loud speakers after 10 pm though cultural and religious events like a ‘jagrata’ (the awakening of a deity through night-long chanting and devotional singing) practiced by the Hindus openly and blatantly flouts such laws and makes a mockery of them. Other religions also have made it a part of their practice to use loudspeakers to make their daily prayers (or calls for prayers) available to anyone within the decibel range of their premises (that often is easily a good few square kilometers radius) which combined with the spilt-over music from enthusiastic wedding celebrations makes life, at least in India, a very noisy affair indeed. And that ladies and gents, is why the writer of this piece cannot help but shudder at the very thought of someone thinking up a stereo system that can blaze music in public spaces without any regard for the eardrums of hapless passers by.

Designer Zackary Yu, being a Canadian resident, however, thought up the Oris as a way to bring people of a community together who can use the public stereo system to create something like an open-air discotheque that can be used to organize public get together and social dancing events outdoors. We’re not sure how the fresh design grad forgot that an aggressively-youth oriented variation of the phenomenon already exists and is known around the globe as a “rave” which is deemed illegal in many parts of the world and people end up jail for being caught organizing and participating one.

The designer also intends the Oris to serve an innovative bit of public sculpture that would allow its audience to physically interact with it also. The modular stereo system is designed like the building blocks from the popular PC game Tetris that are combined together via a single axis and allows users to rotate them around to create playful shapes (only an extremely drunk adult would find that entertaining, but that’s just our opinion!). Also, the Oris comes with an intricate Bluetooth integration which allows each Oris block to communicate with the other and play music wirelessly which should certainly give trouble makers plenty to wreak havoc on unsuspecting public with!

Source: Zackary Yu

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