From ordinary to extraordinary: Used beer cans turned into creative sculptures

beer cans sculptures

The ordinary

With the world’s environmental balance on a steady and steep decline, we’ve come upon the time to be ecologically sensitive not only for other species but ourselves as well. We’ve all heard of the 4 Rs to be environmentally conscious – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle and Recover. Some creative geniuses have taken this to a whole new level with recycled pieces of pure art made exclusively from beer cans.


The inspiration behind these awe-inspiring works of art is a tribute to Turkish Beer, Efes Pilsen and one piece dedicated to Dutch beer, Heineken. Special attention to detail seemed to have been the USB at this exhibition showcasing creations from art geniuses. From motorcycles and airplanes to armed soldiers, miniature artists playing instruments and elaborate buildings, it was truly a watcher’s delight.

The extraordinary

What is interesting has to do with some beer related gossip. 24th January every year, supposedly, is celebrated as Beer Can Appreciation Day in honor of the first day that beer was sold in cans way back in 1935. You’d be amazed to see how many different sculptures and statuettes these little cans have the potential to be. You could start with the novice beer can trick, the pyramid and graduate to a pro. It is so much more easy than it looks.

The target group

Literally anyone can make cool stuff with waste beer tin cans. You don’t have to be a professional artist. Just read up on the how-to to get some ideas.


Along with helping the environment, you will also be saving yourself cash by having items like lanterns and such at your home made out of beer cans without having to spend money buying a new one. You can use cans to revamp little corners of your home that need some life or use them to decorate a party venue. You can even design your own games and keep these as prizes at the end or hide them away as part of a game. There are hundreds of ways these recycled bits can be used for, from little kids’ door wind chimes to the old granny’s over head lantern near the bedside table.

1. Beer can Ornaments.


One easy way to spice up that last minute party which may seem like a distant dream involves using leftover beer cans that you’ve stacked away in your garage. Why throw them in the trash when they can be used to make cute decorative pieces? And why spend on decorations when you can make them yourself? Just pick up some cans, tie them together with a few wires and hang them up when you’re done. You’ll be admired for your environmental and artistic efforts and your friends will be after you to give them a few pointers.

2. Beer cans Lanterns


You can choose to send away your used beer cans where they will be turned into recycled aluminum tin or you can be a little creative and make some handy items for use around the house and your garden. One great example is to make beer can lanterns. They are the most easy to create and come right after the beer can pyramid in the list of easy ways to reuse beer cans. All you need is several used beer cans, some safety gloves and goggles, tea lights and a utility knife with some glue. Pierce and run the knife diagonally or vertically as you please. Then plug in two holes on the sides of the tins and tightly tie a wire through them so it becomes the handle for you to hang it somewhere. Now stick tea lights in them with some glue and put them up in little corners around the house.

3. Beer cans Airplane.


If you’re looking for a low investment type project or a gift item for someone, all you need is a six pack of your favorite beer and some time to kill. The beer can airplane is one of the most amusing pieces that bring in an element of creativity to a room. You could use it as a table top item or put it over the chimney place. It can be made complete with a working propeller ready to take off. Just pick up a few cans, slice them into flat pieces for the wings and roll them up for the body. Then, pierce a propeller into the front with some wheels and say hello to the wind.

4. Wind Chime out of beer cans.

wind chime

Wind chimes are a great decorative item around the house. They not only brighten your mood with their soft, soothing sounds but they can lighten up a boring room with their ornate design and bright colors. When making them out of old beer cans, run a sharp utility knife through them and bend them to shape. Hang a few beads and metal clips through them that will enable them to sound when the wind blows. Hang them up on trees in your backyard or at the top of your door – wherever there is wind. You’ll instantly add an element of charm to your surroundings.

These are some of the easy ‘do it yourself’ projects that you can undertake without any prior skill. And what better way to create something by yourself than by making use of old items that you plan to chuck out? The only thing you should keep in mind while working on them is to always wear safety goggles and gloves so that even if a little sliver of metal takes a jump, your eyes remain unharmed and when the utility knife pierces the tin inadequately, your fingers don’t become the target. Once you’re done, have fun with your self-carved master pieces and be proud that you just made your significant contribution to saving the environment.

Some of the other cool stuff that you can make with your pack of used beer cans are tin cars, metal boxes, miniature super heroes and artists, pencil and pen cases, cigar cases and creative cut vases. Did we hear someone say ‘creative investment’?

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