Orbit brings about a revolution in cabin crew’s life

Orbit is an ingenious aircraft trolley design by Heather Dunne. Keeping in mind the convenience of the air cabin crew and the passengers on board, the designer has crafted out the ultimate utility trolley. Orbit can be used for delivering food and other condiments to the passengers with utmost ease and comfort.


The trolley’s size has been reduced drastically, especially in terms of the width. Further more, the movable contraption has been fitted with in built motors, which propel the tray of food to the top, making distribution all the more easy and convenient. As soon as the top tray is out of stuff, the lower trays which are filled with food move to the top, saving the person from bending again and again. There are separate compartments built for storing cold and hot food items.

This is all related to storage. However, what truly sets the trolley apart is the functioning. The exteriors of the device have been made in a very user friendly way, making it all the more ergonomic and economical. The wheels at the base have been fitted into a track like system, preventing the trolley from moving forward or backwards during times of turbulence.

This, without any doubt, is an excellent thought which is penned down on paper. What sets it truly apart is the ingenuity which goes into converting the whole idea from a blueprint to reality. Any takers for this brilliant idea?

[Cheers Heather]

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