Orange swirl curve lamps: Trendy and stylish lamps


When I looked at it for the first time, I didn’t catch on immediately what it actually is. But it instantly caught my eye. And that’s solely because of the shapes of these. When I found these were table lamps, I was like ‘Hey I would love to have a couple of those for my living room!’ This pair of Crinkle Fabric Lamps is trendy, sleek and very very stylish. They have been designed to complement and coordinate with each other’s shapes and designs.


The orange material looks beautiful when you light the lamp inside. It’d surly bring a mysterious glow to your room. As for the technicalities, the Keongs are H 390mm W 355mm D 155mm, while the Terompets are H 475mm W 265mm D 140mm. Sounds perfect for a moderate-sized room. The lamps are priced at $24.99.

Source: Drinkstuff

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