Optimus Popularis: The next generation keyboard

Art Lebedev’s latest offering, the Optimus Popularis is a very compact keyboard which really packs a punch. It is a scaled down and quite affordable version of the Optimus Maximus keyboard. Every individual key on the Optimus Popularis is made up of a fully customizable OLED screen having a resolution of 64×64 pixels. You can configure a key to display any video or image of your choice.

Optimus Popularis keyboard

The design of the Optimus Popularis models state of the art technology and is quite soothing to the eyes. It can be customized to any desired language or layout be it Arabian, Russian, images, numerals, math functions or any other for that matter. There is not an equal amount of buttons on the Popularis as compared to the Maximus, but what it does offer is an LCD strip which serves as a secondary, programmable display. The strip sits neatly between the number keys and function keys. The function key is used to alternate between a set of functions. The keyboard body is made up of plastic and aluminum.

The Optimus Popularis connects to your computer via the USB interface and it is compatible with most of the leading operating systems. It is priced at around $1100 which is an affordable offering and half the price as that of Optimus Maximus. The Popularis is intended to serve as an essential tool for high performance. It is very suitable for creative people in fields such as photography, trading, design, music and video design but even the occasional user should find it extremely breezy and amusing to use.


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