Open source PlaySurface makes multi touch computing tables affordable

Products like the Microsoft Surface have opened up a world of possibilities for both professional and home users. However, obtaining one of these for the living room still remains a dream for many computing enthusiasts, given the steep prices that these multitouch computing tables come with. However, Somerville, Massachusetts-based designer Len White has created a brilliant open-source optical touch table plan that will allow casual users to simply order a touch table surface, assemble it at home and customize it to your own entertainment needs at very affordable prices. Dubbed the PlaySurface, the touch computing platform supports many applications, device control, browsing, music, gaming and other entertainment needs at blazingly fast speeds.

Playsurface multitouch computing table

The multi-use, hackable large-format touch computing interface features a gaming/application computer function as well as tracking and touch detection functions via a closed-loop, application-specific digital image processing module. The PlaySurface is offered in two sizes, one that’s the size of a regular coffee table and a bigger one that allows for stand up gaming and operation. The open-hardware surface and cabinet design comes with demo programs and open-source drivers that can be customized by individual users as per their requirements.

Playsurface multitouch computing table

The PlaySurface kit comes with a transparent touch surface, a 1280 x 800 mp DLP projector and offers touch detection via dedicated hardware processor and input recognition via infrared LED strip, all of which fit inside a flat-packed assembling wood enclosure. The Kickstarter project allows pledgers to make contributions towards the development of the kit with the Blob Board being offered with a $350 pledge, a $650 pledge being offered with the Blob Board and the table, and a $1,250 pledge offering both the table and the Blob Board along with a computer and projector. A $1,750 pledge gets you the entire ready-to-assemble PlaySurface kit.

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