OPEL ICONA electric vehicle moves on land and water with equal efficiency

opel icona 04

Given the pace at which the human population is growing coupled with increasing global warming, the day isn’t too far when we would have to explore new places to reside, not only on the earth, but beyond this planet. Keeping such scenario in mind, Swedish designer Juan Pablo Bernal P has designed a futuristic vehicle for the year 2050 that moves on both land and water with equal efficiency. Called the “OPEL ICONA,” the V-shaped commuter vehicle features an aerodynamic body to ensure minimal air resistance for better performance in all conditions. Running on natural sources of energy, the all-electric vehicle generates power from electric motors to allow a clean and green drive. The zero-emission car would not only allow a sustainable drive but also become a means of entertainment to create a special bond between the family members as well as society.

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Via: Juan Pablo Bernal P

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