A Lavish Night At Hotel Everland, Palais de Tokyo

hotel everland

If you’ve got a whole lot of cash to spare for luxury then you may get to stay in the Palais de Tokya at the Hotel Everland, and that too if you are lucky enough to get a booking! It happens to be a transient hotel by artists Sabina Lang and Daniel Baumann (of L/B fame), and is offered for unique, one night stays until the end of 2008. Musee de Leipzig saw the installation of the hotel, but now the guests relish a breathtaking view of the Eiffel tower, from the green-and blue-furnished room, through the curtain less windows. In a price ranging from $495 to $659 you get to spend the night in the lavish room, which is complete with a loaded mini-bar, and a hotel staff on loan from the Hotel Sezz. You can make your reservations here two months in advance, though it’s a total sell-out, for one night stays are available for $3715+ on eBay.

Via: Apartmenttherapy

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