‘One Horse Power’ is 270m tall sculpture made using old auto parts

one horse power

Old auto parts are one of the major contributors to the electronic waste piling on all across the world, posing a serious threat not only to the environment but to human life as well. Recycling the auto junk, Bulgarian designer Konstantin Achkov has come up with a unique sculpture called the “One Horse Power” that apart from reducing old auto parts also contributes a piece of creative art. Employing the Biotensegrity form, a new way of understanding anatomy, the sculpture is made using steel cables (muscles) and auto parts (skeleton) with joints placed anatomically to keep the structure upright despite its heavy structure. Measuring 270m in height and 3m in length, the artwork allows an inventive way of recycling automobile waste.

one horse power 01
one horse power 02
one horse power 03
one horse power 04
one horse power 05
one horse power 06

Via: Konstant-in

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