One-handed kitchen equipment for handicapped people

one handed kitchen equipment 02

Cooking is a skilled job and needs you to be in a good shape to transform your newest recipe into a delicious meal, which often becomes difficult for handicapped people as they have to rely on others for their basic needs. Making life easy for the disabled, Lithuanian designer Gabriele Meldaikyte has designed an innovative unit that makes cooking, including chopping, peeling and slicing, an effortless job for the people with a single working hand. Entitled “One handed kitchen equipment,” this specialized kitchen tool not only makes food preparation by one hand simple, but also encourages handicapped people to be self-reliant.

Featuring cutting equipment, a tube holder and opener and bread slicer, the single handed device also integrates a lunch box and cutting and peeling equipment to assist the users while preparing meals. It also includes non-slip rubber that keeps fruits and vegetables stable while peeling and slicing. Cooking has never been so effortless for the disabled.

one handed kitchen equipment
one handed kitchen equipment 01
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[Thanks Gabriele]

3 thoughts on “One-handed kitchen equipment for handicapped people”

  1. Where can this tool be bought? I have a brother with one arm. I love this device for him to help him become more independent.

      1. It helps the designer stay firmly planted in the wantrepreneur, “idea-guy,” starving artist and “cool-by-obscurity” categories that can never manage to do any that matters to make money, ship a real product and help people simultaneously.

        It’s “oh look how I can tease the public and disappoint them while showing off to peers and potential clients (if any).”


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