Ondrej Jirec’s Audi O green concept with DJ set

audi o car concept1 e7QkM 17340
If there were anything that a sportscar could do with, it would be a great music system and other features that would please any music lover. Designer Ondrej Jirec has created a concept Audi O that is not only stylish but is also a dream-come-true for most music lovers. The design of the car is typical to that of an Audi and when you keenly observe the grill, you would notice that it is neatly placed between the headlights. The car’s design includes a 650 GB hard disk to store all the music you would ever need and the Bluetooth lets other Audi drivers to play what is being played in your Audi O.

The glass windows look sleek and you wouldn’t know that the car is a virtual music machine inside. The inside of the car is bright and airy and the passenger compartment is separated from the engine compartment to make sure you have a noiseless space to listen to awesome music. The Audi O also has a DJ set with mixing decks, which could be removed and used elsewhere too. The Audi O would run on fuel-efficient diesel/electric hybrid drive train. We must say that this fuel-efficient Audi O concept would please not only music lovers but also environmentally conscious people.
audi o car concept2 IF96s 17340
audi o car concept4 ZrcNt 17340
audi o car concept6 haMl5 17340


IGreenSpot via Tuvie

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