Offside Wengè: Convertible foosball table is also a dining table

offside weng table football 02

Designed by Borek Sipek, the Offside Wengè is a convertible football table that other than entertaining your guests doubles as a dining/coffee table to dine with family and friends. When not used as a foosball table, the playing surface and bars of the table can be replaced with a wooden board, if you don’t wanna opt for a tempered glass tabletop, so it could be used as a normal table. While the playing surface and bars can be placed on the wall as a painting or sculpture to decorate your living space.

Identical to chess pieces, the table uses black and ivory players and knobs, while the lower level of support in glass, with metal frame, makes the table perfectly stable during your intense gaming sessions. Made in wood, metal and glass, the multipurpose table measures 146 x 101 x 93cm (LWH) in dimensions. Priced at €1,900 (about $2,551), the Offside Wengè not only features a slender, elegant design but also the performance and size of professional foosball tables.

offside weng table football 01
offside weng table football 03

Via: Skitsch

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