Office Stool hides the waste neatly in a paper bin underneath

office stool 01

A stool and a paper bin are possibly the most commonly used objects in an office. Infusing a new life into these ordinary objects, French designer Aissa Logerot has come up with a utility unit which combines the function of a stool with that of a waste paper basket. Hailed as “Office Stool,” the multifunctional furniture unit keeps your workplace neat and clean by hiding the waste in a paper bin underneath. User can effortlessly lift the seat, connected to the wheels with a hydraulic bar, with his/her feet to dump the waste in the bin. Moreover, the paper bin when required can be detached from the stool, so it could be used as a regular dustbin.

office stool  02

office stool  03

office stool  04

office stool  05

Via: Aissa Logerot

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