Odersoding storage system doubles as a room divider

odersoding shelf  01

Reading is an addiction leading to countless books scattered all over the place. Here is a creative book shelf design to decorate your room by placing all your books in a corner. Made up of multiplex plywood HPL coated with varnished steel sheet, the Odersoding is a modular shelf system that provides multi-dimensionally modifiable and extremely amendable assembly by the geometry of the base-module in combination with the making of edges. The changeable assembly gives varied impressions to the furniture from orderly to disorderly in the sense of symmetrical/straight to unsymmetrical/rampantly. It can be assembled in different ways, such as a sideboard, shelves or room dividers by simple piling of the equal modules. Restructuring the conventional storage, the Odersoding bring all your books to a structure that offers great flexibility in terms of functionality and design.

odersoding shelf  02
odersoding shelf  03
odersoding shelf  04

Via: Ding3000

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