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The conceptSeveral technological advancements have happened lately in the field of audio. Even then, people refrain from using their mp3 devices during trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities because they fear that product may get damaged. They are

ODDIO1 headphones docks your iPod for clutter free music experience

ODDIO1 headphones docks

The concept

Several technological advancements have happened lately in the field of audio. Even then, people refrain from using their mp3 devices during trekking, hiking and other outdoor activities because they fear that product may get damaged. They are also scared of using these devices during workout, as the device cables may tangle and break. This shows that average headphones have to go to a long way, with a lot of scope for improvement.

Designers Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall realize the necessity of bringing revolutionary changes in headphones design and therefore, we have ODDIO1- the latest headphones offered in the market. ODDIO1 are one of the first headphones that offer ultimate consumer solution that is, eliminating any wires or cables necessary for listening audio through headphones. The cord reduction makes these headphones efficient and more user-friendly. This makes them an intelligent, consumer audio solution.

The inspiration

Jeremy Saxton and Jacob Hall, the creators of this product are Utah-based designers, who were interested in bringing a modern edge to an average headphone. They noticed how people had to face cord and cable trouble while plugging their headphones to a device. They also observed people tackling with their headset wires while exercising and performing an outdoor activity. This was enough to inspire the designers who decided to eliminate wires from the headphones.

Consequently, a headphone was devised that integrated mp3 into the product itself. Therefore, ODDIO1 came into existence. These headphones cuts out the middlemen and cabling by assimilating the headphone and audio device like an iPod Shuffle together. The designers took a cue from TikTok and Lunatik and efficiently combined the iPod Shuffle with an output device. These headphones are especially designed for use during exercise or outdoor activities.

The design

The design of this product is simple but intelligent and functional. ODDIO1 syndicates the iPod Shuffle with a pair of headphones with great audio. This enables a cord-free sound system. ODDIO1 is a light, wireless headphone that doesn’t require you to carry an mp3 player in your pocket. It is a great product for those who prefer an active lifestyle. The product’s outer chassis is made from nylon plastic, the inside section has a cushioning of high grade silicon.

The right side of the headphones has a small section from where you can integrate your mp3 player, preferably iPod Shuffle to the headphones. The audio player snugly fits in the section and is ready to play your favorite music. ODDIO1 is available is available in grey/black, black/blue and black/pink colors to suit your demands. ‘Cupertino colorway’ is also available as a part of limited edition package.

The fabulous

Most of us prefer an active lifestyle full of workouts and various outdoor activities. We love listening to music, yet we hesitate to pull out a cord and connect our iPod to headset while we are trekking on the mountains or strolling on the beach. But not anymore! ODDIO1 is a fabulous product that allows us to enjoy our active lifestyle without sacrificing our love for music. The headphones intelligently integrate iPod Shuffle for a cord-free music experience. At the same time, the product doesn’t compromise with sound quality and as a result you get listen to great audio, anytime, anywhere.

The target

ODDIO1 certainly targets people with an active lifestyle. Generally, individuals who love working out or prefer outdoor/adventurous activities also like listening to music because it reduces boredom. But they are afraid of pull out their mp3 devices as they fear that the device might get damaged. But ODDIO1 deals with this issue efficiently. The intelligent integration of mp3 to the headphone works as an ultimate solution for these people. This product is also great for avid music lovers as it allows them listening music by avoiding twisted cords. ODDIO1 is compatible with 4th generation iPod Shuffle. If you buy limited edition pack, then the headphones will come with a complementary iPod Shuffle.

Related trends

1. NeoTune headphone with iPod dock

NeoTune headphones have been developed by RWC Corp Japan, and are available with an in-built iPod dock which enables cord-free music experience. This product is based on similar lines like ODDIO1 and has a compartment for attaching your 2nd generation iPod Nano to the headphones. But it doesn’t include a 3.5 mm stereo input; therefore, you cannot connect this device to any other audio source or laptop. At the same time, the design is a little bizarre and iPod Nano sticks out of the headphone, making you look weirder! The product can look more alluring if its design could be modified.

2. Headphones with iPod Shuffle dock

Designed by the headphone manufacturing brand, Monster, these headphones are dubbed as iDock, as they have integral iPod Shuffle dock. This eliminates the need for annoying cables. The product has an in-built dock for your mp3 player and therefore, you don’t have to worry about tangled cables and wires. But if you are a music lover, then you might not find this a suitable option as the device has low sound quality. The technical specifications of this product have not been revealed, indicating to the fact that the sound quality might have been compromised.

3. iWalk

This iPod compatible headphone set is a part of new range of Apples’ accessories. The product has a wireless dock compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Nano. The dock leaves command surface of iPod uncovered so that you can navigate through the menu. The product comes in several attractive colors to suit your demands. The good thing is that this device is supported by stereo jack which allows you to connect it with other devices using a wire.

These products clearly indicate that a lot of changes have been incorporated in manufacturing of latest headphones. But still, there is a lot of room for upgrading these products. The designers and manufacturers have to do some more storming to eliminating the drawbacks of these products and to enhance sound quality. This way, these products will actually take the market by storm.

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