OctoCloud is the new version of 3D gaming to take you onto cloud nine

It’s a new century, where technology pretty much rules every nano particle of our lives. We live in a 3 dimensional world, measuring everything with our touch and other senses. But this truth has not diminished the fact that we hardly have time to interact with people, least of all in person. With the advent of technology, everything has become virtual to the extent of even socializing virtually.

3-D, Multiplayer Board Game

Our smart phones rule our lives, leading us to complicate and socialize online all the time. This has brought us even closer to each other, even though we may seldom realize this. Driving this point in, the concept of the OctoCloud by a company SuperUber is going to revolutionize the way you play games. Gone are the days of playing on a physical board game. Let the technological advances knock on your door, as you let yourself get lost in the whirlwind design of the game.

The game can be configured into any 3D surface and can further be controlled with your smartphones. All you need to do is stand in front of your opponent and let the virtual realities take over your senses. A very cool, trendy game to play as you see everything takes a realistic turn. Enjoy, play and freak out, as the OctoCloud lifts and transports you onto cloud nine.

Via: FastcoDesign

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