Objectify Hugga chair-cum-table for children

hugga 1

Created especially for children, the Hugga is a multifunctional table and chair that was originally designed as a chair by Vanilla co-owner Brent Wilson for his young son, Quinn. When he found that the chair could also be used a table, he refined the design with help from Otago Polytechnic Design School graduate, Joel Broad. The Objectify Hugga can be flipped over for use as a desk and chair. This chair-cum-table is made of sustainably produced New Zealand Pine plywood and New Zealand Pine rods; while the fabric ‘Charade’ covered closed cell foam wrap offers comfortable cushioning. The fabric Charade has been chosen since it’s mothproof, non-allergenic and resistant to ultraviolet rays. Kids can even get a gentle rocking while using the Hugga as a chair. Place it on its side and you have a table to paint or draw. Its “L” shape fits the end of any sofa stylishly to work as a table for limited spaces. Bring two of them together and you have a funky set of furniture for your kids’ room. Available in arrange of colors, the Hugga comes for NZD $180.

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Via: VanillaDesignStore

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