Oasis Refrigerator to provide drinkable water via an integrated filter system

Aileen Dominguez has designed the Oasis Refrigerator for Electrolux, which doubles as a water filter as well. Clean water is precious, but most of the houses in Philippines don’t have access to clean and safe drinking water, which forces people to either buy filtered water or use counter top/pitcher filters. This wastes a lot of time as well as energy when water has to be filled in these equipments from time to time.

Oasis Refrigirator

Oasis Refrigerator will solve the problem of clean water and will also save time as well as money that is invested in counter top/pitcher filters. The automated water-filter integrated system in the form of Oasis will provide consumable water and also store food like a normal refrigerator. Cold and hot water is dispensed from the water dispenser that works using a sensor operated flow system. Oasis can be connected to any household water source, which accounts for a direct flow of drinkable water.

An LCD monitor has been fitted on the face of the refrigerator that flashes information like temperature, water filter facts and expiry date of products placed inside it. The design also comprises of a chiller that will provide chilled wine bottles as well as other beverages and also chilled glasses. A wine rack has been crafted from clear acrylic, which can easily hold five bottles. The sliding door of the Oasis Refrigerator helps save space, while the rotating rack makes grabbing items inside quite easy.

Oasis Refrigerator will save time wasted to refill filters every morning and evening. Also, the need to purchase clean water from water station takes a backseat.

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