o3 personal oxygen unit lets you breathe afresh in extreme conditions

o3 01

With dramatic changes in environment due to global warming, coupled with increasing pollution worldwide, the day is not too far when we will have to carry personal survival gadgets to breathe fresh and stay alive on the earth. Addressing the issue to create awareness among the masses, the Designaffairs Studio has come up with a personal survival oxygen unit entitled the “o3” to supply daily dose of oxygen to the users. Easy to carry, the portable mouthpiece provides oxygen by compressed oxygen refill units, which users can refill at local oxygen stores. You can adjust the membrane to your lips and control oxygen flow by simply twisting the refill unit. Moreover, the gadget connects wirelessly to your cellphone, possibly via Bluetooth, and sends regular updates about the environment and refilling. Though, the o3 is an innovative solution for extreme conditions, but I’m sure that you wouldn’t wish to use it anytime in your life.

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[Thanks Pedro]

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