O Kitchen fits all modern amenities and security too

o kitchen 4
Deriving its name from its spherical shape, the “O Kitchen” is a compact yet complete cooking space for modern homes. This kitchen has everything, name it and it’s there. Boasting control panel with internet access, MP3 player function, CD/DVD reader, digital cookbook, kitchen management software and built-in sound system, the futuristic kitchen comes equipped with unified microwave and electric oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, cooktop, smell and steam exhaust, lighting, cabinets, automatic disposal system and high temperature alert display. Did I miss something? There is no LCD TV mounted onto the O Kitchen, but the rest of the features compensate for the same. Measuring 210 cm high and 230 cm wide (when closed or not in use) and 460 cm while outspread for cooking, the futuristic kitchen is an ideal pick for compact city apartments. Definitely, you wouldn’t want anyone to enter the hi-tech kitchen without your permission therefore, the kitchen can only be accessed by sliding both sides through a remote control. And the users can activate the locking system via an access code to bring the kitchen in the cooking mode. The O Kitchen, as I was guessing, is a collaborative work of a bunch of designers, which includes Julio Seleghin, Maria Das Graças Seleghin, Fábio Moschioni Moneda, Eduardo Sant’Ana Palhares and Guilherme Maglio – cheers guys you’ve done a great job here.

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