NXT modular input device range helps you customize computer usage

The field of computer input devices has remained pretty static since they were first conceived barring a few fundamental changes brought into the design of mice. The “NXT” series of input devices look to provide a fresh perspective on what a keyboard and mouse can look and function like. The set of seven products are designed to meet the demands and needs of consumers with different budgetary restraints and are thus divided into different price segments.

nxt computer devices

Each individual device offers users the freedom to combine the five modules from the high-end segment to create custom sets. The high-end segment of the range features a remote control, a graphics tablet, an options bar, a numeric keypad and a keyboard. Like all NXT branded products, the high-end keyboard is slim and light with a compact layout and appearance. Also highly mobile, the keyboard features a distinctive frame.

The high-end Number field features a mirrored arrangement of the number layout with the modular number field offering left-handed users the freedom to use it on the left thanks to the ergonomic cyclic loading of the modular design. The high end Options Bar offers several options edges on demand and can be expanded. Five freely assignable command buttons on the bar can be customized by the user to meet their own needs. The high-end Graphics Tablet features a reduced appearance that gives it a clearer focus. For quick access in the work process, the device also serves as a pen holder with its recessed handle asymmetrically arranged to serve the purpose.

In the bottom half of its design, the high-end Remote control features an additional touch pad in addition to the usual commands that makes it a much more functional addition to the range of input devices.

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