NRGSPOT: Electric charging station for public spaces

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The only snag, apart from the many benefits of electric vehicles is that they take too long to juice up their batteries before hitting the road. However, Eneco Energy is up there with the first public charging station that possibly will remove the only stain of the electric vehicles. Placed in the city of Rotterdam, the NRGSPORT allows consumers to charge their vehicles at public spaces. The charging station generates electric power by durable sources, without causing any harm to the environment. The NRGSPORT will also integrate a charging system, in the pipelines at the moment, which will fully recharge the empty scooter battery within just half an hour. With a public charging station, the consumers need not go back home to charge their vehicles. Now they will be able to invigorate their vehicles, while having a cup of coffee in a cafe, attending a meeting in the office or in any public place.

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