Now check glucose levels in a painless way with GlucoMate


With the introduction of the all new and innovative gadget, GlucoMate, now diabetic patients will be able to monitor glucose levels in their body without shedding a single drop of blood. This product is safe and easy to use as a new infrared beam is passed through the fingertip and then the gadget measures the amount of light absorbed by the glucose molecules in the blood. And, finally it accurately displays the glucose level in the body.

Diabetes is one of the biggest killer diseases that silently and slowly destroys human organs. The main reason that leads to complications is the increased sugar level in the body, therefore, it is essential to keep sugar levels under a check. Earlier, a tiny drop of blood was extracted from the human body by the medical lab to check the sugar level. But, with the advancement in the technology, patients can easily test the blood within the comfort of their homes by using gadgets like Glucometer.

However, now with the arrival of GlucoMate, the pain-free monitoring of sugar levels is also possible. The gadget is all the more helpful since the patient doesn’t get to know of the increased sugar level in his body unless the level is alarmingly high or low. With the help of GlucoMate, the patient can keep a constant check on the sugar level. Another advantage of using GlucoMate is that the equipment has a USB memory that can store earlier results so that the patient can regulate his diet according to sugar levels in his body.

The new technology will provide a big relief to diabetic patients who have to concurrently get their bodies pricked either for insulin injections or for sugar level testing. Moreover, patients suffering from the advanced stage of the disease are recommended to get their sugar levels tested as frequently as five times a day. This new technology will definitely help these diabetic patients to get rid of the painful method of monitoring sugar levels.

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