Novanta amalgamates utilitarian efficiency with lustrous looks

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With the introduction of technology in designing, contemporary workstations have moved out of being just square wooden surfaces on four legs and have turned into multifunctional devices, fulfilling almost all the needs of modern geeks. Designer Luke Riggall has come up with an interesting workstation called ‘Novanta’ that possibly will turn out to be an ideal match for your stylish Macs, HP Touchsmart and other systems. The practical workstation is finished with MDF, aluminum and perforated metal that gives it a lustrous look. Featuring speakers, USB and audio hub, monitor stand, iPod dock and power strip, the Novanta also presents, K/B & Mouse, drawing utensil drawer, electrical equipment drawer and laptop/A3 paper drawer. An electrical equipment drawer in the rear hides all the messy wires and cables, keeping the décor of your home or workplace up and going.

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Via: Yanko Design

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