Non-shadow fiber optic light glove replaces the good old flashlight

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No one really likes to work in the dark struggling with a flashlight given how all the shadows mess up your mind and how you have to make like a kung-fu artist trying to hold the light in the right place. But the new fiber optic light glove from Sepic of Slovenia might just change that forever. Claiming to provide a non-shadow forming working light, the glove comes fitted with white LEDs around the wrist that are powered by an in-built battery pack. The can be “transferred” with optical fibers to specific locations on the glove with the bottom part of the glove producing a diffused working light and the index finger housing a spot light.

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The designer claims that wearing the gloves on both hands further reduces the formation of shadows on the working area. My only concern with this brilliant innovation is if we choose to use the index finger as a light source, how on earth will we use the rest of our fingers to work in the dark?

Source: Gizmo Watch

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