NIVIS: New snow cycle concept to conquer ski slopes

nivis snowmobile

Have you heard of a bicycle being used in the snow? Well, this is the concept then which will give your tired muscles some much needed action. With the new NIVIS concept, now you can enjoy uninterrupted fun on the ski slopes and that too without even feeling cold.

With the huge amount of heat being generated by pedaling down the slopes, you will not feel cold and even enjoy the fun of skiing. Complete with a front sliding surface and the back in the form of a contact area, the ski cycle has been fixed with a chain which helps to form a grip when you’re in the snow. With no worries of slipping and falling, you can ski beautifully, creating various designs in the snow. It’s a must have for any skiing novice.

The product has been conceived and created by Lisa Miter.

Via: RainerLahm

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