Nissan Torii rolls on spheres powered by lithium-ion batteries

nissan torii 05

Visualizing the future of a family car, Italian designer Jorge Andres Pinilla Fonseca has come up with a car concept called the “Nissan Torii” that features wire driven technology to replace traditional mechanical control systems with electronic control systems, allowing extra space and better controls to the rider. Inspired by the Japanese metaphor of the “temple gate” that purifies human souls, the Torii moves on four spheres, equipped with lithium-ion batteries and GPS, to ensure a safe and sustainable ride. Developed for the year 2030, the futuristic vehicle also includes air filters behind the screen lamps to purify the air.

nissan torii 01
nissan torii 02
nissan torii 03
nissan torii 04

[Cheers Jorge]

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