Nissan Motivity 400C runs on maglev engine system

nissan motivity 400c
After witnessing the Cheers Wine phone and Magnet phone by Tryi Yeh in the past, one can well presume the passion of the designer for gadgets and technology. However, spreading his periphery, the Taiwanese designer has now designed an automobile that takes you straight into the future. Hailed as “Motivity 400C,” the vehicle is a concept for Nissan that makes use maglev’s engine system in each wheel. Featuring a triangular bode to reduce the air drag; the Nissan Motivity 400C comes with traditional Steering wheel and offers a powerful driving experience to the rider.

nissan motivity 400c 01
nissan motivity 400c 04
nissan motivity 400c 02

[Thanks Tryi]

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