Nimbl carbon-fiber wheelchair increases movement within the house

nimbl wheel chair 01

People have to do costly home renovations to make a safe and easy passage for the wheelchair users within the home, smacking the budget of the home. Designed specifically for domestic/indoor use, the “Nimbl” by designer Lawrence Kwok is a unique wheelchair that gives increased access without sacrificing mobility within the home. Featuring a carbon fiber tub which houses the 10″ lift actuator, motorized hubless wheels and interchangeable battery, the wheelchair also integrates a magnetically placed armrest remote that allows both right- and left-handed control.

Designed in collaboration with Tino Sacino, Danna Lei and Alison Ochoa, the wheelchair comes with short wheelbase to increase the maneuverability within the home. Users can rotate the armrests and footrest for easy transfers, while the customizable modular cushion system assures various levels of mobility as well as rehabilitation. Moreover, the Nimble comes with the ability to recline for pressure relief.

nimbl wheel chair 02
nimbl wheel chair 03
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nimbl wheel chair 05
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[Thanks, Lawrence]

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