Nike Split22 to keep athletes hydrated in diverse altitudes

Created by designer John Whaley, the Nike Split22 Dual Bladder Adaptable Hydration System is an innovative new system to help athletes stay hydrated during long distance endurance races. Carrying hydration and nutrition is critical for athletes participating in these events but the standard 70-oz. drinks carriers that are industry standard at the moment can undermine the performance of a long distance endurance athlete participating in new events like Ultra Mountain Bike Trail Racing or Ultra Marathon Running that are all set to be introduced at the 2012 Summer Olympics.


The Nike Split 22 Dual Bladder Adaptable Hydration System looks to provide these athletes with a way to carry their hydration and nutrition supplements on their own in a way that is non intrusive and does not hinder the performance of the athlete in any way. As the athlete drinks through a single standard half-full 70-oz. pack, it begins to slosh immensely which can hinder the concentration of the athlete.

However, since the chamberized Nike Split 22 Dual Bladder Adaptable Hydration System is worn on the back, its load remains evenly distributed and the user still has the option of accessing the drinks easily. With no sloshing drinks bottle to worry about, the user has the freedom to use their arms to pump them up. At the moment, the Nike Split 22 Dual Bladder Adaptable Hydration System is just a concept.

Source: Form Meets Function

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