Nike SPARQ Viz Kit’s innovative tools help enhance athlete’s vision

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Designer James Owen had formulated the Nike SPARQ Viz Kit with an aim at enhancing an athlete’s vision. The kit includes three different tools for improving different vision aspects. The first is an Eye Line Tool to train vision focusing on a single object. The device has a button that activates a spring-loaded reel to deploy a bead on the user defined target. The bead gets hooked magnetically to the user-mounted hooks.

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The second tool is called the Aquity Sphere. It helps enhance an athletes’ ability to locate and track the details on a moving object. The athlete fixates vision on a particular letter, number or graphics on the Acuity Sphere, and then follows it with coordinated eye movement. The Sphere is multi-colored and features an interchangeable fabric skin, variegated lettering and a retractable, ceiling mounted hook that is activated with a central button on the bottom of the ball.

nike sparq kit spinner glass 9
The third tool in the kit is dubbed as Spinner Glass. This tool helps improve the speed and accuracy of accommodation and vergence in an athlete’s vision. The lenses isolate vision focusing from eye pointing and vice versa. While the over molded areas on the nose bridge and side handles provide increased comfort and refinement the rounded shape of the spinner glass allows the user to switch between lens sets by simply rotating it.

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nike sparq kit eye line3
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Via: James Owen Design

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