Nike One 2022 concept rides you far into the future

Nike One 2022

Born out of collaboration between sportswear giants Nike and the makers of Gran Turismo 4, the Nike One hypothetical concept car takes us far into the future in the year 2022. Designed by Phil Frank for the video game series, the car exists only in the virtual gaming world though Nike is currently developing technology that the concept says it’s based upon. Though the car and the technology do not currently exist, the designer has provided us with a hypothetical history to go with it that makes it one of the most fantastic concepts to have surfaced in the past few years.

According to pseudo-legend (or fan fiction if you will), in the year 2002 the Sports Research Lab over at Nike started experimenting with nanotechnology and started looking for ways to get kinetic energy produced by the human body to turn into usable electromagnetic power. After years and years of intensive development, they were able to get the tech just right and came up with what they called a Spark Suit- which features elements that acted like a human muscle cell in reverse and turned body heat into electricity though initially faulty technology led to the suits producing enormous amounts of light (hence the name).

To ward off the unwanted energy leakage, Nike spent a few more years coming up with what they called Microcaps and Microbatts i.e., superconducting capacitors and batteries, which made the batts ultra-efficient so they wouldn’t spill any excess energy when used in the suit.

This lead to a cataclysmic change in world politics since it meant that the world no longer needed to depend on oil imported from the OPEC nations and instead a new world order (no relation to the controversial New World Order BTW) came into being. With the electricity producing body suit fulfilling the energy demands that were previously taken care of by imported oil, the New Organization of Power Exporting Countries, or N.O.P.E.Cs gained prominence in world politics.

Thanks to the Spark Suit, the world no longer needed to depend on fossil fuels and people of the world were able to rid themselves of many modern ailments while powering everyday machines as well as heavy industries with the energy produced by body movements and captured by these Nike suits.

And now, we begin the saga of the hypothetical concept car. Since Nike didn’t take control of the whole wide world like everyone had expected, they put their good Samaritan hats on one more time and used the technology they put in the suit to come up with a HEPdrive or a Human Energy Potential-driven vehicle, that used the power stored from an individual’s physical training sessions to run the vehicle that could reach speeds of up to 230 mph.

The Eletro-Magneto-cumunetics: version 2 (EMC2) vehicle was dubbed the Nike ONE and it could run on human effort though only specially trained athletes with tremendous stamina and hardcore training regimens could drive this thing. So basically after a point, the suit and the person wearing it became one machine (like Iron Man) with the athlete’s body providing all the necessary controls as well as energy for the vehicle to operate.

Too bad the car doesn’t actually exist, and from what we know about cars and special suits so far, we don’t expect to see it at the next edition of IAA either, but boy wouldn’t it be cool to have a car that could run on human energy.

[Cheers Phil]

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