Nightstick floor lamp: LED lighting in ultra modern metallic curvatures

nightstick floor lamp 1 iffvP 58
The Nightstick is a nifty piece of home lighting that will definitely add a touch of class to your living room. Like most ultra-modern lamps, this floor lamp uses energy efficient LEDs to give your room a soft white glow. But LED’s are not the main bit of innovation in the Nightstick. The Nightstick has many segments that can be magnetically attached to each other to form different personalized patterns. These patterns make the Nightstick more of a sculpture than just an average piece of indoor lighting chic. We give our thumbs up to this very beautiful yet energy efficient lighting design. The Nightstick is a product from a company which has a weird name of Form Us With Love. We’re still wondering what that really means.

nightstick floor lamp gc9SD 58

Via: Formuswithlove

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