Night Vision glasses will brighten up your visiblity as the sun sets!

Most of the time, it becomes difficult for many of us to take a break from our working life and enjoy the beautiful environment of the night. But there are some that find some difficulty in night vision and believe it or not, they must be the real screwed ones to miss the peaceful exploration after the sunset. To overcome this issue, markets are already flooded with many promising products that guarantee to evade the vision problem in night. No wonder about such hopeful products, but Sanne – Marye Huijing, an Industrial design engineer, wants more exploration in such products. And so, she came up with some unique concept in the form of Night Vision glasses that will extend the horizons of sight in the dark. Night Vision glasses hold unique creativity of intellectual work by the designer.

Night vision glasses

This unique product holds its USP in its glasses and technique used for the development. The Night Vision glasses has Phosphorescent layered design that sends out the UV light, increasing the sight vision more accurately and clearly. As UV light has high intensity, it helps out to evade the invisibility to great extent. Moreover, it also has micro lens arrays that help in concentrating the light to the eye. The glass frame which is printed in ABS has a stylish appeal attached with durability. There are two small lithium batteries of 300mAh and 3.7 V at each of the frame’s side, lending power for the UV LED (3.3 V, 20mA) light. These LED lights are situated on both sides of the glasses beside the lenses. The lenses are formed in mold type structure and are made from PMMA and vacuum.

Thus, Night Vision is a set of compound engineering that makes possible to enlighten up your sight, giving you the freedom of visibility.

Via: Sanne-Marye

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  1. Hey man is there any way these see In complete darkness I’m trying to get something like nightvison goggles but not stylish and that stay on your face

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