Night Light: The diurnal pavilion

Night Light is a diurnal, prismatic pavilion which is designed to reconstitute daylight into ambient event light for the French Quarter, New Orleans. The pavilion is cased in a pillowed matrix of glow-in-the-dark painted solar cells which harvest the local daylight and re-transmit it during night.

Night Light

A gradated diagrid forms the structure of the night light which supports a book-ended coffered interior. Each night of the Des Cours festivities will see four hours of the local daylight being re-transmitted. The light, however, will continue to diminish over the course of each night, showing a measure of the daylight recorded on that particular day. The pillowed matrix is said to give out varying intensities of glow according to the particularities of the place where it is installed.

The multidimensional tetrahedron is perfect to be fitted in homes and may even support certain activities like a jazz band performance or a private conversation but it has been primarily designed to function as a spectacle. Night light has been designed both as an interior and an exterior installation which requires access to plenty of sunlight. A courtyard or a brightly lit lobby space would be ideal for its installation as they would have adequate access to light allowing to be read fully even in low light conditions of the night.

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