NIDO Portable Shelter offers safe refuge to the homeless


With rapid changes in weather condition due to global warming, natural calamities, such as floods and earth quakes, have become the order of the day, forcing the masses to leave their homes and move to rehabilitation camps or other safer places. Providing refuge to the homeless, Dominican Republic designer Amanda Cuello collaborating with Cynthia Ventura and Tulio Feliz has come up with a portable shelter dubbed the “NIDO” that provides adequate space to preserve the privacy, while ensuring safe retreat to residents.

Comprised of two main modules, one for sleeping and storing essential belongings and other one for hygiene and physiological needs, the creative shelter is big enough to accommodate the basic needs of entire family, for it can be extended by adding more dormitory modules to the base unit. The collapsible structure wraps in a 1m x 80cm x 30cm module for easy transportation. Easy to install, the compact and lightweight unit can be moved to remote areas and used continuously over a period of time. Though the NIDO is essentially designed for homeless, but it could also be of great importance for campers and modern nomads.


[Cheers Amanda]

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  1. would love to help fund..this… great idea…I want one now…please let me know if I could help… …
    I repeat I want one… or can help get is off the groud…

    Kelly parrish

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