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NHK releases the first Super Plasma Television for public viewing

Tokyo’s NHK’s Science & Technology Research Laboratories saw the launch of the 145 inch Ultra High Definition plasma display. The TV incorporates a visual treat for all those who really value quality and a fair value for their money. The plasma television has been developed in collaboration with Panasonic and is definitely one of its kind.

Ultra High Definition plasma display

The elite television brings to life each and every frame it portrays within itself. The real life frames will not even for a moment let you feel that you’re watching it on television. The plasma display shows the blown up version of the High definition screening, keeping things closer than possible. Developed with a closely knit pixel style, they bring the picture alive, letting the viewer revel in the all time glory of the viewing.

The picture clarity is what makes the whole layout really appetizing and creative. This is not all, for the display will ensure it brings out just about the best for you. The world’s first plasma television is so realistic; it will just sweep you off your feet into a world where everything is totally surreal, encompassing up of excellent viewing angles. Definitely a collector’s item, for Panasonic’s collaboration will ensure that the Plasma definition gets the kind of exposure it deserves.

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