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NFC technology for theme parks makes carrying cash and credit cards a thing of the past

NFC AKA Near-Field Communication may not appear to be as quick and efficient as Wi-Fi or other internet based applications but it does make transferring money and data quite secure since an NFC enabled device or card needs to be within centimeters of another compatible device to work. NFC technology has been applied with some success in mass transport systems, ticketing and cashless payment systems and is being investigated further to make transactions more secure and safer for both merchants as well as users. The Theme park NFC concept was commissioned by a firm that organizes music festivals and proposes to develop the technology to make payment for services by visitors at such events a lot more hassle-free.

Themepark NFC technology

Created by designer Coen Claassen in collaboration with Ward Vancoppenolle and Isabelle De Nil, the entire concept is placed within the context of theme parks and the modes of payments and exchange of personal data that occurs at such places. With an NFC system in place in a theme park, visitors can carry just their personal data and digital wallets in an NFC tag to access services. These tags are not dependent on a network for an exchange of data which allows it to work offline and without batteries as well.

These contactless tags allow people to make payments for tickets or food etc. at easy to spot terminals which can allow users to draw more digital money into their digital wallet as well. A digital ring displays the flow of payment while a touchscreen allows people to interact with these terminals. This would reduce payment fraud and protect people’s bank account data. The same system can be used by companies to survey the profiles of visitors, what kind of rides, services and attractions do they like, make identification and indicate preferences etc.

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