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Next generation iPhone might sport a larger screen and a quad core A6 chip

The outlay of Apple’s next generation iPhone by French designer Antoine Brieux has created quite a frenzy. The concept purports that the next phone from Apple will be made from cutting edge liquid metal. Wondering how exactly will liquid metal make such a huge difference? Well, the casing of liquid metal is known for its high performance and will make the handset resistant to impact damage. The result will be a swankier mobile phone, which is thinner and lighter.

iPhone 5 Concept

The phone will measure 116.2, 59.4 and 7.9 along the sides. Another characteristic that will set the mobile apart is the omission of the standard home button. The home button will be replaced by a virtual counterpart, which will stay hidden. Removing the home button has its set of pros as this will make space for a larger screen that will extend and cover the entire front side of the phone. The ultra wide screen will be delight to watch and will look awesome in the landscape mode.

In the new phone, the screen will measure 4.5 inches. The phone will embed a quad core A6 chip and will also have a SIM card slotted in. The idea of providing a 10 megapixel camera is simply outrageous. Although, the iPhone 5 concept is quite appealing, reports suggest that it is unlikely that the design will be adopted in actuality. Apple will not be doing away with its standard home button or swapping the dual core A5X chip with a quad core A6 anytime soon.

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