New York’s water tanks are going to be overflowing with creativity in Spring 2013

New Yorkers have felt the pinch of water paucity, given the extreme conditions of fresh water availability. Keeping this thought in mind, they have decided to bring about a subtle awareness for this general cause. By painting the water tanks in colorful colors, some of the famous artists have actually been able to showcase their work, yet bringing about a much needed awareness in terms of design, and the need for water conservation.

Image 1

As the water levels start to recede in New York, the urgent need for conservation of the precious resource came to the fore. With this thought in mind, Kickstarter decided to unleash the creative prowess of a few famous artists by printing their renowned works on these water tanks. Although, this was not an easy task, given the difficulty of gaining approval for the same, but then, nothing is impossible especially when you have the will to do it.

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The water tanks have played the perfect canvas to some of the well known artists in New York. Jeff Koons, Andy Goldsworthy, Jay-Z, Ellen Gallagher, Devendra Banhart and Bruce Weber have all lent their creative works to Kickstarter, making their project an overnight hit with the classes as well as the masses. The biggest plus point with these water tanks is their overhead location and the way they create visibility and awareness from a distance as well. Keeping this creative yet resourceful concept in mind, there is hardly any doubt about the success of this overwhelming event which is yet to occur in the coming Spring of 2013.

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