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New Vegas themed Nike Dunks.. put on your dancing shoes for real!

The concept

Remember those jazzy sneakers in vogue in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s that came with built in lights? A lot of us had those as kids and a few adults too patronized the short lived trend. And it seems that the demand for high tech shoes like those is making a grand comeback though this time shoe designers are hitting the general population of the world with shoes that have iPods built into them. This particular pair of sneakers developed by designers Jacob Patterson and Emmanuel Abor are known as Fallout Vault Dweller Dunks and come with an iPod Touch built into them for some reason.

Vault Dweller Dunks

The inspiration

Inspired by the theme of the popular video game series Fallout, the Fallout Vault Dweller Dunks come complete with soldiers painted on the side and a torn up design that show off a sense of ruggedness and a spirit of survival. These shoes were created for a post apocalyptic future where sneakers and iPods would be the rarest of all human necessities. We’re not sure whether people in this grim future world would have access to the internet and/or music download sites like the iTunes store since all other forms of audio players need to have been wiped off the face of the earth to makes someone want a pair of shoes to play their music on, but just in case humanity survives a global nuclear fallout, having a pair of sneakers that can play music should sure ease the trauma of witnessing the end of civilization as we know it.

The design

To fit the theme of the Fallout universe, the Fallout Vault Dweller Dunks come with an iPod Touch slotted in the tongues which is completely customized with Fallout-related music, apps, themes and sounds. On the sides, the shoes feature a painted on Ranger from New Vegas on the right shoe as well as a soldier from Fallout 3 in Power Armor on the left shoe. Plugged into the tongues of the shoes comes a custom speaker sculpture that looks like an undetonated nuclear bomb sitting amidst rocks and water devised by EL which allows the iPod to unleash the full force of the mellow soundtrack from the game.

The fabulous

Even if having a pair of sneakers that play music from a video game series (with a post apocalyptic theme no less) can get your beaten up and dunked in a dumpster by the other kids at school, the Fallout Vault Dweller Dunks are a surefire way to get noticed and remembered in high school (even if it means being remembered as the weird guy/gal who wore musical sneakers). For the designer, the implications of having made such a pair of shoes are a little less stark and the endeavor that took the pair a year and half to complete bodes well for the custom shoe range by the artist.

The target

Needless to say, Jacob Patterson’s Fallout Vault Dweller Dunks are targeted at the most dedicated gaming enthusiasts and memorabilia hunters. We also see the geeky pair of sneakers being a huge hit with high school goers struggling through adolescence and maybe even a few gents having a hard time dealing with mid-life crisis.

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