New Stick Phone designed to make calls on Tube tablet

htc stick phone concept

We are developing technologically; and, in case of gadgets, it’s at a very fast pace. One device is replacing the other. The market today is filled with efficient tablets. The day is not far when tablets will replace laptops and PC. This fact becomes all the more true when designers like Antoine Brieux continue to contribute in the field of technology. Just recently, he had come up with the HTC Tube tablet concept, and now he has created yet another interesting accessory for tablet-smartphone called a secondary Stick Phone.

This device helps in making calls on a Tube tablet. The design of the Stick Phone is very simple, having only the features of a basic phone, i.e. a speaker, a microphone, an answer and end call keys. So, this new device is only meant to support phone calls.

With this new Stick Phone in market, tablets are sure to give a tough competition to laptops.

htc stick phone concept 01

htc stick phone concept 02

htc stick phone concept 03

htc stick phone concept 04

Via: Concept Phones

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