The new motorized laptop brings a revolution to your personalized computer

With the Motorized Laptop, never again would you have to make manual adjustments to the screen. The whole concept has been devised by designer Tobias Toft, who designed this ingenious idea for his final project at CIID.

Motorised laptop

By fitting in a motorized device into the laptop, Toft has been able to control the angle of the lid, making it open and close automatically. This is not all, for he has even installed an Arduino board within the computer’s machinery, which has further been coupled up with a Servomotor letting the computer do wonders. The motherboard of the laptop and the motor make the contraption do wonders. This piece of machinery has been rigged in such a way that it brings about a revolution in the way technology has been modified to serve our needs.

The whole programming has been done on the Open Frameworks software and it allows the laptop to automatically figure out the position of the user. In turn, the webcam and the microphone of the computer move the lid around by judging the position of the user’s face. The touch sensor’s make the experience all the more lightheaded and interesting. The creativity of the designer reflects in every bit of the designing involved and makes everything stand out in the best of ways.

Via: Portfolio

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