New designer beanbags, pillows for ultimate living comfort

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Inspired by the Italian designers and users across the world, this new Inspiration Deco series has been launched by the renowned fashion house Baleri Italia.

Titled the game, this new series features colorful collection of design beanbags created by Baleri Italia. These beanbags provide ultimate comfort and beauty, which will help you make a fashion statement.

Available in an array of colors in different models. The beanbags can be white, red, green, pink, orange, brown and many different colors to suit your mood and taste or even to match your furniture at home.

round beanbag The small round ottomans are cute and can be used as personal bags. These beanbags are not only beautiful to look, they are also very comfortable and ergonomic. One of the best features of these bags are their ability to adapt to the features of each user and bounce back into normal shape after use. This makes comfortable seating for every user of the bag.

These bags are filled with eco-friendly foam which not only keeps you healthy but keeps the planet earth safe from pollution. The foam is designed to revert to its original shape soon after use. So keep your pretty long legs on its its beautiful design flare and enjoy the comfort.

Technical and commercial information:
Designer: Denis Santachiara , Enrico Baleri
Publisher: Baleri Italia
Material: Flexible polyurethane with ecological structure and rigid internal anatomy. Siding reusable textile strech.
Price: 265 euros


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